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Amish Sheds


We build the very best Amish Sheds at Ed's Amish Sheds. If you want a lofted barn, workshop, utility building, barn, or garage, we have high quality , affordable Amish Sheds.


All our sheds and buildings are constructed to the highest standard of workmanship and quality by our experienced master carpenters with high grade materials.


Purchasing a portable storage building from Ed's Amish Sheds ensures you will have a building that will last you a lifetime. 


The Barn

The barn is an excellent choice for maximizing floor space at a budget price. The regular barn has by four foot side walls and roof with double angles. The barn configuration gives the most floor area for the money, and has a stylish pleasing look.

Regular barns are available in size from 8 X 12 to 12 by 28. Custom orders for portable barns can be built up to 16 X 32 in some areas.

Siding is pressure treated T1-11. One door and one window are standard. The floor is pressure treated 3/4" plywood decking panels. All floor joist and supporting foundation wood is pressure treated.

Floor joists are 2X6 on 12" centers. Wall studs are 2X4 on 16" centers. Roof trusts and rafters are 2x4 on 24" centers. The roof is decked with 3/8 OSB roof decking.

Full electrical wiring, with or without its own box is an option.

The regular barn is a standard model and the rent-to-own payment plan is an option. Low interest, zero down, financing plans are available for qualified buyers. Cash sales receive a discount.

The Lofted Barn

Because of it's loft configuration the lofted barn has the most storage area for the floor size. Lofted barns are available from Ed's Amish Sheds in many sizes and styles with a large number of options.  Larger lofted barns have the side door with double lofts on each end and smaller sized lofted barns have an end door with a single loft on the end.

Roofs can be metal or shingles. All standard siding options are available for lofted barns. Larger lofted banrs and over size barns can be built as sight built buildings in selected areas.


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