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  • Rent-to-Own
    The rent to own payment option is a no credit check, everybody is approved, lease to own plan. Click her for all the details.
  • No Credit Check
    Had problems in the past with your credit, or do you just don't want people poking around in you business? There is never a credit check with our rent to own plan.
  • Zero Down Financing
    Don't have the money for the down payment on the rent to own plan? No problem, with your good credit you can qualify for our zero down, low interest financing option.
  • Low Interest Financing
    Want to take advantage of your excellent credit rating? With a very good score we can offer you the very best in low interest financing.
  • Cash Purchase
    Like to pay as you go? Get the very best price with a cash purchase.
  • Discounts of Cash
    Paying cash? Our cash customers always get a great discount.
  • Free payments
    What's better then free payments? Nothing, that's what. Click on over to our free payments page and find out how to get your free payments on the rent to own plan.
  • Specials
    Our dealers and affiliates have specials all the time. Ask them what they have.


Information Request Form

Just click the above link to go to the Information Request Form.  We will be happy to answer any question or concern you may have.




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Southern Portable Storage Solutions is your source for Amish sheds and barns and all wood storage buildings in Georgia, Alabama and Florida. Browses our site for lofted barns, regular barns, utility buildings, workshops, play houses, cabins, horse stalls, mini offices, and our other specialty buildings. We can build you a custom built building as well.

Some options are only available at participating dealers.