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Discounts for Cash Purchase

Get the very best price on a Southern Portable Storage Solutions Builing


Discounts for Cash Purchase

Are you willing and able to pay cash for your Southern Portable Storage Solutions building? If you are you can get the absolute lowest price. All of our buildings have a standard cash discount. In addition there are often specials and unique situations where a cash purchase can save you even more.

Cash discount are are available on new buildings and previously owned buildings.

Special order buildings are only available on a cash basis.

12 x 32 Lofted Garage

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Southern Portable Storage Solutions is your source for all your storage needs and all wood storage buildings in Georgia, Alabama and Florida. Buying a portable storage buildings is a significant investment. Get you monies worth with a Southern Portable Storage Solutions hand crafted portable building. Our buildings are constructed of the best materials with expert workmanship. These are storage buildings which will truly last a life time.

Some options are only available at participating dealers.