The portable buildings have a durable and resistant construction, thanks to which they can be transported many times and used for a long time in various places.

Construction Type

Portable Office

Unlike traditional construction, the production and delivery process for mobile offices is very fast. On average, you can enjoy a finished office as soon as 4-6 weeks after ordering. Once the utilities have been connected, it is ready for use. So, only a few weeks are needed to open a small retail outlet as well as a new company office of several hundred m2.

Site Accommodation

Our site accommodation are equipped with full electrical installation, electric heaters, sanitary facilities and basic kitchen furniture. On a special order it is also possible to various configurations of the portable accommodation are possible, both in terms of dimensions, arrangement of the rooms and materials used.

Marketing Suites

Attractive, modern external appearance and the possibility of free adaptation to customer needs are the main advantages of marketing suites. Thanks to the use of large glazing, we obtain rooms which can serve as a showroom, sales pavilion or modern company headquarters.

Portable Toilet Blocks

Portable Toilet Blocks can function as single modules or form part of larger sets. We offer you the possibility of making a sanitary rooms with any equipment specified by the customer such as: wc cabins, urinals, washbasins, showers, utility sinks.

Portable Classrooms

Modular construction enables free shaping of the portable classrooms size and shape and making changes in the location of doors, windows, internal appliances or functionality of rooms. The applied technical solutions allow for the reconstruction of the portable classrooms, its expansion and change in the arrangement of rooms during its use.

Healthcare Buildings

Try our portable healthcare buildings, which can be used to easily create a healthcare rooms and sanitary facility tailored to the needs of your employees.

Why us?

Soutern Storage Solutions

We got the tools

Various configurations of the containers are possible, both in terms of dimensions, arrangement of the containers and materials used.

Certified Experience

Soutern Storage provides the most durable and energy-efficient mobile and modular buildings in UK.

Competitive Pricing

Due to their short construction time, low cost, comfort and safety, residential containers are a popular solution for temporary accommodation.

Lifetime Guarantee

The site accommodation we produce and offer is fully functional. We provide access to all necessary utilities.

50 Years Experience

The highest quality materials combined with the use of modern construction technologies and vast experience guarantee the durability of the portable storage.

Great Support

We can assure you that portable accommodation guarantee safety at the level of buildings constructed using other technologies.

Portable Storage

Portable Storage have an interesting appearance and do not require frequent maintenance, usually installed in the most strategic places. Another advantage is the quick on-site assembly, which usually takes from one to a maximum of four days. The pavilion can be equipped with electrical installation. The price of a portable storage depends on the individual needs of the client, it is determined primarily by the window joinery made of PVC or aluminum, often in portable office or portable buildings the entire front wall is glazed. The colour of the flashings and the colour of the walls depends on the customer’s preferences.

Portable storage are manufactured as unified, independent and self-sufficient modular buildings. Depending on their purpose, these are referred to as portable buildings or portable office. However, irrespective of the intended use, they are always equipped with electrical and heating installations and are ready for use as offices or portable buildings they have been set up at the intended location. As their name suggests, they can be used as an office for any business activity. They can be used to furnish any office, stationary or temporary, at a permanent location or in the field. After completion of the investment or fulfilment of its task, the portable storage can be transported to another place.

Portable Storage UK

Apart from the fact that it can be delivered in just a few weeks Southampton and Hampshire area, portable storage also have other advantages that are typical for portable buildings, such as: possibility of any configuration, possibility of later expansion, can be easily moved to another location, incomparably lower investment costs compared to traditional construction.

It turns out that such office containers are a really reasonable, economically justified solution, and above all, well balanced in every way. It is definitely worth remembering, as it has a considerable impact. The assembly of such an element as office containers costs a few thousand zlotys, which is a real cost reduction in comparison with several dozen zlotys for constructing an office building. What is important, such an office building contained in a container can fulfil its task perfectly and will be fully functional. This is because manufacturers, in order to meet the needs of their customers, try to find interesting and functional solutions that meet expectations in every respect. Therefore, it is not difficult to find containers, the interior of which is covered with carpeting, where we will find a place which can be easily adapted to a conference room and the whole space is fully air-conditioned. Impossible? And yet, very easy to achieve.