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Southern Storage Solutions has been been building high quality, handcrafted portable storage buildings at our plant in Calvary, Georgia for over twenty years. We have sales lots in Georgia, Florida, and Alabama. With payment options including no credit check, everybody's approved rent-to-own financing, zero down, low interest financing with approved credit, and discounts for cash, owning a high quality, handcrafted, Southern Storage Solution building has never been easier.

Purchasing Options

Owning a Southern Storage Solutions building is easy, with three options to choose form.

Cash - Southern Storage Solutions accepts cash, personal checks, cashers checks, money orders and major credit cards for cash purchase. All purchases for cash receive a discounted price.

Rent-to-own - One of our two financing options is Southern Storage Solution's no-credit check, everyone's approved, rent to own program. With this program you pay a small down payment and we delivery your building. Then you make monthly rental payments, but unlike storage rental where you pay and pay but never own anything, when you pay out the term of your Southern Storage Solution lease the buildings is yours!

Low interest financing - We off low interest financing to qualified buyers with terms from three to sixty months.

Our Buildings

Southern Storage Solutions' buildings are built at our plant in Calvary, Georgia. Each building is handcrafted by a master carpenter, which helps to insure that the building you receive is of a high standard of quality. Handcrafted workmanship is just one of the many advantages to owning a southern Storage Solutions quality built building. This hand built process allows for customization when changes are needed to match special requirements of you building. Below is an explanation of the different components and materials used in the building process.

The Floor:

Starts with the 4x6 pressure treated skids on which the foundation of the building is formed. The floor is the framed using pressure treated 2x4s with a 16' on center spacing to allow for maximum sub-floor strength and integrity. The final aspect of the flooring is the actual decking itself. This decking is the part of the building which will receive the most abuse yet is typically the most neglected when it comes to choosing a proper material. Southern Storage solutions is proud to install 3/4" pressure treated plywood on all its buildings, giving you a floor system that will stand the test of time.


The Walls:

Aesthetics and durability are the two major functions the siding and wall framing serve. In order to fulfill these two requirements our walls are constructed using the finest grade siding available. The wall framing utilizes 2x4 studs on 24" centers and are secured with hurricane clips/ design specifications that meet or exceed Florida wind code requirements.

The Roof:

No one likes a leaky roof and especially when they need the protection of storage. In order to insure the longest lasting defense while giving the most uniform appeal all Southern Storage Solutions roofing is finished with asphalt shingles a high grade metal roof that carries a 20 year warranty. Internal moisture can also cause damage in our climate of the southeast and through the use of ridge vents, and custom cross ventilation vents protection is installed to insure the release of the excess moisture.

Contact Information

Southern Storage Solutions is your source for quality portable all wood storage buildings in Georgia, Alabama and Florida. We have sales lots in Valdosta, Quitman, Moultrie, Albany, Thomasville, Cairo, Cordele, Bainbridge, Calvary, Leesburg, Camilla,  and other Georgia locations, as well as Tallahassee, Marianna, and Quincy Florida and Dothan Alabama.

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